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The Group!


Robinson Group, Summer 2022


Robinson Group Dinner, Spring 2022

Robinson Group Spring 2022.jpg

Robinson Group, Spring 2022


Robinson Group, Zoom Style - Summer 2021
Top (L-R): Rayal Smith, Peter Saghy, Natasha Vargo, Xiang Dong
Mid (L-R): Audra Woodside, Casey Chan, Samantha Magpantay, Alex Brown
Bottom (L-R): Jonathan Chellali, Kerry Casey, Matthew Lueckheide, Jerome Robinson


Robinson & Kim Group (+ Friends) Grill-out - Summer 2021


Robinson Group & Friends - Fall 2019 Celebration


Group Photo - Summer 2019

L-R: Xiang Dong, Matthew Lueckheide, Elizabeth Rogan, Kerry Casey, Natasha Vargo, Jonathan Chellali, Zoe Phillips, Ben Peeples, Oliver Hagger, Alex Brown, Jerome Robinson


Group Event - Summer 2019 (PawSox Baseball)

L-R (top --> bottom): Jonathan Chellali, Jerome Robinson, Natasha Vargo, Oliver Hagger, Matthew Lueckheide, Kerry Casey, Zoe Phillips, Elizabeth Rogan, Maria Vargas-Rivera, Xiang Dong


Group Picture - Spring 2019

L-R: Xiang Dong, Natasha Vargo, Jonathan Chellali, Jerome Robinson, Kim Pham, Celine Chen, Ekaterina Tsotsos, Kerry Casey


Yanyan's Farewell Dinner (January 2019)

L-R: Kim Pham, Kerry Casey, Natasha Vargo, Matt Lueckheide, Xiang Dong, Alex Alverson, Jonathan Chellali, Celine Chen, and Yanyan Li


Group Lunch @ The ACS Meeting (Boston, Fall 2018)

L-R: Jerome Robinson, Matthew Lueckheide, Kim Pham, Natasha Vargo, Alex Brown Kerry Casey, Xiang Dong


Group Photo (Summer 2018)

L-R: Yanyan Li, Xiang Dong, Matthew Lueckheide, Robin Fidel, Allison Hands, Natalie Feinstein, Alex Brown, Kerry Casey, Natasha Vargo, Maria Vargas-Rivera, Jerome Robinson


Group Meeting Cake (Summer 2018)

L-R: Natalie Feinstein, Natasha Vargo, Robin Fidel, Alex Brown, Allison Hands, Xiang Dong, Yanyan Li, Jerome Robinson, Maria Vargas-Rivera, Matthew Lueckheide, Kerry Casey

Group Lunch (Summer 2018)

L-R: Yanyan Li, Robin Fidel, Maria Vargas-Rivera, Allison Hands, Natalie Feinstein, Matthew Lueckheide, Kerry Casey, Alex Brown, Xiang Dong

Group Dinner (Spring 2018)

L-R: Yanyan Li, Xiang Dong, Matthew Lueckheide, Natasha Vargo, Kim Pham, Natalie Feinstein, Jana Butman

"Fun" Group Picture (Spring 2018)

L-R: Matthew Lueckheide, Jerome Robinson, Yanyan Li, Kerry Casey, Xiang Dong, Ekaterina Tsotsos, Kim ham, Natasha Vargo, Jana Butman, Celine Chen, Natalie Feinstein

"Serious" Group Picture (Spring 2018)

L-R: Jerome Robinson, Celine Chen, Natalie Feinstein, Kim Pham, Ekaterina Tsotsos, Jana Butman, Matthew Lueckheide, Yanyan Li, Natasha Vargo, Xiang Dong, Kerry Casey

Bonus Group Picture (Spring 2018)

L-R: Jana Butman, Kerry Casey, Kim Pham, Natasha Vargo, Matthew Lueckheide, Celine Chen, Xiang Dong, Ekaterina Tsotsos, Yanyan Li, Natalie Feinstein

Appleton Lecture - Robinson Group Meeting - April 2018

L-R: Jerome Robinson, Harry Gray, Natasha Vargo, Yanyan Li, Xiang Dong, Kerry Casey, Matt Lueckheide

RISEF Judging - March 2018

L-R: Kim Pham, Natasha Vargo, Matt Lueckheide, Jerome Robinson, Ekaterina Tsotsos 

STEM Day - January 2018

L-R: Jerome Robinson, Kerry Casey, Natalie Feinstein, Kim Pham, Natasha Vargo

Robinson Group Ice Skating Event - December 2017

L-R: Natasha Vargo, Xiang Dong, Natalie Feinstein, Ekaterina Tsotsos, Jerome Robinson, Josh Nott, Matt Lueckheide, Kim Pham, Kerry Casey

Robinson Group Ice Cream Run - Summer 2017

L-R: Jerome Robinson, Matt Lueckheide, Josh Nott, Dylan Garcia, Natasha Vargo, Kerry Casey, Xiang Dong, Ekaterina Tsotsos

Robinson Group Grill-Out - Summer 2017

L-R: Bag Toss, Spike Ball, Grill

Robinson Group Lunch - Summer 2017 (obligatory group selfie)

L-R: W.S. Chase Penhallurick, Kerry Casey, Natasha Vargo, Ekaterina Tsotsos, Matt Lueckheide, Josh Nott, Xiang Dong, Jerome Robinson

Robinson Group Dinner - Spring 2017

L-R: Kim Pham, Ekaterina Tsotsos, Xiang Dong, Jerome Robinson, Jana Butman, Josh Nott, Jessica Tennis, Jude Appiah.

Robinson Group - Spring 2017

Front (L-R): Jana Butman, Kim Pham, Ekaterina Tsotsos, Jessica Tennis, Xiang Dong

Back (L-R): Jude Appiah, Jerome Robinson, Josh Nott

Robinson Group - Escape RI, Winter 2016

Front (L-R): Jerome Robinson, Jana Butman, Kim Pham, Jessica Tennis, Xiang Dong

Back (L-R): Jude Appiah, Ekaterina Tsotsos, Josh Nott

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