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Chemistry Career Series & Alumni Speaker Program (2017-present)

Professor Robinson (Jerome) in collaboration with colleagues in the Department of Chemistry have founded the Chemistry Career Series and Brown Chemistry Alumni Speaker Program. This also includes student professional development events include Conversations with... [OISSS, CareerLab] and Life After Brown - Career Planning.

Are you curious what career pathways might be available with a Chemistry degree, but have not had the opportunity to interact with professionals from sectors outside of academia? Each year, three to six alumni (see previous speakers below) are brought back to speak about their career paths and meet with students, faculty, and staff. Starting 2021, we will be sharing these events (Zoom link & recordings) with the greater community - come back soon for the list of speakers for 2021-2022 and additional details!

Alumni Speaker Series


Denise Barnes (NSF EPSCOR, Risen Ph.D.),

Padma Rajagopalan (Virginia Tech, Risen Ph.D.)

Bill Marinelli (CEO PSI, Morton Sc.B.)

Chuck Matera (CEO II-VI, Risen Ph.D.)


Ioannis Katsoulis (Market Access Transformation, Parker Ph.D.),

Yen-Ting Chen (Locust Walk, Seto Ph.D.)

Kang Sun (CEO Amprius, Risen Ph.D.)

Adriana Garcia-Mendoza (A*STAR, Sun Ph. D.)


 Kelly Zapotek (New England Biotech, Delaney Ph.D.)**

Corey Compton (BMS, Sello Ph.D)**

Michael Minitti (SLAC, Weber Ph.D.)


Denice Spero (Prothera, Parker Ph.D.),

Sunghee Lee (Iona College, Banaszak Holl Ph.D.)

Daniel Jarem (Roche, Delaney Ph.D.)

Granville Wrensford (UConn, Williard Ph.D.)
Louis Carreiro (NUWC, Wold Ph.D.),


Sally Ho (DEA, Sun Ph.D.)

James Bartis (RAND Corporation, Sc.B.)

Ephraim Honig (Strem Chemicals, Sweigert Ph.D.)

Ralph Lambalot (AbbVie, Cane Ph.D.)

Chloe Poston (Leadership Alliance, Bazemore-Walker Ph.D.)

Sen Zhang (UVA, Sun Ph.D.)

**Rescheduled due to COVID-19

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