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Are you a motivated individual interested in solving problems using chemistry?

We want you!


In the Robinson Lab, researchers will have the opportunity to pursue interdisciplinary projects in a collaborative, stimulating, and supportive environment. Ample resources are available for members to achieve success including newly renovated lab space, new lab equipment, easy access to departmental resources/facilities, and financial support. Scientists in the group will gain expertise in a variety of synthetic techniques and characterization methods from inorganic, organic, and materials chemistries. Strong oral and written communication skills will be developed through presentation of research at professional conferences, informal meetings, and in top peer-reviewed journals. Professor Robinson is very passionate about professional development, and training in the group is aimed at building both technical and interpersonal skill sets that will prepare students for a range of desired career paths.

We welcome motivated individuals from all backgrounds and skill levels - please contact Professor Robinson for additional details!  

Graduate Researcher
[This could be you!]

Interested in developing a diverse skill set in synthetic inorganic chemistry to answer a variety of chemical problems? 

Undergraduate Researcher
[This could be you!]

Limited or no research experience? Not a problem. Just bring your enthusiasm, creativity, and openness to learn! 

Visiting Researcher
[This could be you!]

Are you currently studying at another institution and want to participate in an REU or exchange program?

[This could be you!]

At this time, we are only soliciting post-doctoral applications from individuals with external funding.

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