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Upcoming Events & Programs

BRIC-46    Professors Robinson & Chen will be hosting the 46th Boston Regional Inorganic Colloquium (BRIC-46) at Brown on Saturday April 28th. Free food, science, and networking! Check out the program & Outreach & Events for more details. 

ACS Project Seed    RI is starting a Project SEED program, which will enable enthusiastic juniors and seniors in high school from economically disadvantaged backgrounds perform research at Brown, Providence College, or University of Rhode Island over the summer. Interested students should check out the Outreach & Events page for more details.

The Robinson group is a synthetic inorganic chemistry lab with research interests that lie at the intersection of inorganic, organic, and materials chemistries. The lab is especially interested in taking advantage of the unique properties of lanthanides and rare earth metals to enable new applications in green chemistry, energy storage, materials design, and catalysis.

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