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January 23rd, 2023

The Chemistry department welcomes five public schools across RI on campus for STEM Day. This free half-day event brought ~180 students interested in STEM to learn more about undergraduate life as a STEM major, explore various STEM fields through interactive breakout sessions, and engage in discussion about college access and success. Many thanks to our teacher partners and all of the volunteers in Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, Computer Science, and Math with putting on a fantastic event! Read more about it here, and we're excited for STEM Day 2024!

STEM Day 2023.jpg
STEM Day 2023 - Panel.jpg
STEM Day 2023 - crystals.jpg

The Robinson group is a synthetic inorganic chemistry lab with research interests that lie at the intersection of inorganic, organic, and materials chemistries. The lab is especially interested in taking advantage of the unique properties of lanthanides and rare earth metals to enable new applications in green chemistry, energy storage, materials design, bioinorganic chemistry, and catalysis.

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